The Top Artificial Intelligence Robots You Should Know About

Budgee Robotic Dog

Developed by Hanson Robotics, the Budgee robotic dog is equipped with a motion-sensing system to react to its environment and help the dog interact with people and other animals. The developers have compared their robot to a dog, and they have said that they have seen many similarities between the two. On the other hand, the researchers have also said that they have a duty to improve upon their robot’s capabilities, which means that the robot is not yet perfect.

Delivery Drones Are Here Now

With the development of AI and robotics, there has also been a rapid evolution in the delivery field. Drones have become an important tool for delivering packages, food, and other goods to remote areas. The development of autonomous and fly-by-wire drones has made them perfect for delivering packages and other goods over long distances. While most delivery drones are controlled by a human pilot, some drone-based delivery services let you order a delivery bot that will deliver your goods to your doorstep.

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