The Top Artificial Intelligence Robots You Should Know About

Atlas Robot

Designed and built by Hanson Robotics, the Atlas supercomputer is the brain of the robots at Hanson Robotics. The Atlas system is the result of more than three decades of robotics research, and it is still an extremely popular system today. Atlas is a general-purpose robot that can perform a wide range of tasks. Atlas is programmed to work as a service bot, which means it works 24/7 for the company and has no setting that it can be ordered to stop working. The robot is specifically designed for warehouses, factories, and other high-intensity areas where humans are not always available to direct the robot’s movements. When humans are on shift, the robot can perform many of the humans’ jobs, such as loading and unloading crates, moving objects, and carrying out other chores.

Asimo Robot

Developed by Honda, the Asimo robot is a humanoid robot that moves as a service robot, able to perform a wide range of tasks. The primary purpose of the development of Asimo was to create a robot that could function as a personal assistant. The researchers who developed Asimo have compared their robot to a person, and they have said that they have seen many similarities between the two. On the other hand, the researchers have also said that they have a duty to improve upon their robot’s capabilities, which means that the robot is not yet perfect.

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